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Decomposed Granite: Turning 'Decay' into 'DecoYAY!!' for Your Outdoor Adventures! (TLDR at the bottom!)

Happy June, landscapers & landscaping enthusiasts! We've got some exciting news to share - we've recently introduced decomposed granite (aka "DG") to our inventory, and we can't wait to tell you all about the fantastic uses and benefits of this versatile material!

Uses of Decomposed Granite

Imagine creating beautiful, winding pathways through your garden or local park. DG is the perfect choice for this, offering a natural and inviting route for strolls and leisurely walks.

decomposed granite pathway
Beautiful pathway, lined with landscape stone and filled with decomposed granite

How about a resilient and eye-catching driveway? DG provides a sturdy and durable surface that holds up beautifully under heavy use, making it a top pick for creating impressive entrances.

Tired of boring garden beds? Spruce them up with the attractive and functional appeal of decomposed granite, adding a touch of charm to your outdoor oasis.

Benefits of Decomposed Granite

Get ready for the ease and convenience of low-maintenance landscaping! DG requires minimal upkeep, making it a fabulous choice for anyone looking to add beauty to their outdoor spaces without a lot of hassle.

Installation couldn't be easier! With standard landscaping equipment, you can have DG in place in no time, saving both time and money.

And, let's not forget the environmental perks. DG is a natural material with a lower environmental impact than other landscaping options, offering a sustainable choice for your projects.

Why DG is a Preferred Material for Pets and People

decomposed granite pathway with pet
cute puppy running on a decomposed granite path

Now, let's talk about the extra perks that make DG a preferred material for pets and people. Not only is it relatively safe and non-toxic, but it's also soft and comfy to walk on. This means your furry friends and family can enjoy it without worry, reveling in the outdoors without the risk of injury.

When you're looking to jazz up your landscape design at your home, decomposed granite is an all-around winner for your landscaping needs. Whether you're creating beautiful pathways, durable driveways, or charming garden beds, DG has got you covered. Plus, for a safe and inviting outdoor space for your pets and loved ones, you can't go wrong with the delightful benefits of decomposed granite.

Decomposed Granite Benefits Recap: (TLDR)

  • Offers benefits similar to gravel, such as a pleasant crunch underfoot, a softened aesthetic, and good water permeability.

  • Remains stable and firm to walk on.

  • Easy to replenish as it weathers and erodes.

  • Provides a soft, natural look.

  • Ideal for creating seamless transitions between garden areas and natural landscapes.

  • Ensures excellent drainage.

  • Works well as a mulch.

  • Cost-effective.

  • Helps suppress dust.

  • Effective under large trees where grass struggles to grow.

Come see us at Sundance Rockery today to order your decomposed granite for delivery or haul away!

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