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Advanced Nimble Trailer System

Setting the Standard in Versatility

ANTS trailers have the ability to make every job quicker, easier and safer, with less than half the amount of a regular crew.  

These trailers are made in Michigan and shipped to Sundance, where we have multiple models on site and available for you to stop by and inquire about.

Ants Trailer
  • Walking conveyor belt floor that assists in the loading and unloading of materials

  • The ability to kneel and tilt to accommodate more working situations

  • Winching headboard capable of pulling 7,500 lbs greatly reducing the need for extra equipment 

  • Optional side discharge unit stored under the trailer and easily installed when needed

  • Wireless remote control operation 

Stop by or call us today for more information!

Ants Trailer
Ants Trailer
Ants Trailer
Ants Trailer
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